After studying English and Economics at Michigan State, I traded in an uncertain future for an even more uncertain one: film school. I studied filmmaking and directing at the New York Film Academy for a little over a year. My graduation conveniently coincided with the Writer's Strike in 2007. After working various jobs as an on set PA, a script editor, DP, gaffer, and any other production job I could get, I moved to Chicago in 2009 to focus on writing. I was shocked to find that no one would find a classically trained economist/writer/filmmaker, so I transitioned into the one thing I was perfectly suited for: advertising. After just over a year honing my craft at Chicago Portfolio School, I began a career as a copywriter. 

MY Mission

My mission is pretty simple: I want to engage people in a conversation they've never had before. Whether it's an actual piece of work that does that or if it's a conversation that comes from an emotion that piece of work evokes, at the end of the day I want to do work that adds something to the world.